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Vaccinations, Examinations, Spaying/Neutering, Dental Care, X-Ray Screenings, and Annual Check-ups.

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Persistent illnesses don’t always have a cure. But can be managed with treatment and medication.

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Periodontal diseases are costly and painful. Don’t let your pet’s dental care go overlooked.

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We adhere to the highest standards and ethics to make sure every patient who comes to our clinic gets the absolute best care possible.

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At VetweRx Small Animal Hospital, we understand your pets don’t conveniently wait when they need medical attention. That’s why we’re open Saturdays.

We will do everything we can to see your pet as soon as possible. Open until 6:00pm Monday through Saturday, your furry ones will receive the best care available.

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March 2020
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Most pets – even seemingly healthy ones – should be seen twice a year. Not only does this help catch any potential problems early, but it also establishes the trusting relationship between your pet and their veterinarian. However, if your pet has a chronic medical condition or is more advanced in years (7 years of age or older), we do recommend more frequent visits. The exact number is based on your pet’s specific needs and care.

We are located in lower downtown Denver near the intersection of I-25 and Park Avenue West. The address is 3480 Park Avenue West. Simply pull into the Railyard Marketplace on Globeville Road (same turn as Starbucks, Conoco, Dominos) then take your first right and VetweRx is on the end nearest the river.

Our pricing is standardized for most of our elective procedures. By scheduling an appointment today, one of our veterinarians will be happy to explain our procedures and pricing for everything before you make any decisions. Emergency pricing is often less straightforward. Our doctors will provide you an estimate, explain the procedure in as much detail as you require, and also go over any possible complications that may arise, and any other added expenses.

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VetweRx is equipped with state-of-the-art veterinary diagnostic equipment and software. Combined with our practice management software, we are leaders in veterinary technical innovation.